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Maintenance & Installation Services
The basic services offered by Laurels Investments provide you with peace of mind and up to date information on the performance of your lubricated components.

Our technician carries out the survey at a time convenient to you. The survey will ensure that all points for lubrication with the Simalube lubricator are clearly identified, the relevant information is captured and an understanding of your plant is gained. This enables us to correctly locate, name and number your equipment. It is advisable to provide personnel who are familiar with the plant to accompany our technician, this way we can look at critical applications, points that have historically given problems as well as points that may not be clearly visible to the eye.

At Laurels Investment we lease out Torc products to our clients, i.e. TTX Square Drive Torque Tool, TTZ Limited Clearance Tool and Hydraulic Power Packs

The installation of the lubricators is done once an order number is received and a suitable time is arranged with your relevant personnel.

Once the installation is complete we carry out regular inspections (generally monthly). The inspections include the monitoring, refilling and the compilation and provision of comprehensive performance reports. Should we detect any maintenance related problems these will be highlighted in the report providing preventative maintenance benefits to you.

Once the inspection has been completed and the report forwarded to the relevant personnel, our technical co-coordinator will arrange for the required refills to be installed.

Our technicians are well trained in performing surveys and installing and inspecting the lubricated points. The presence of our technician on your site enables us to develop a relationship with your key personnel, thereby allowing us to gain a good understanding of your operational requirements. This in turn promotes teamwork, which ultimately forms an enduring partnership.

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