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Automatic single-point lubricator

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Sold millions of times and suitable for any single-point lubricating task with grease or oil. The automatic lubricator simalube offers five different sizes. All possible kinds of lubricating points with lubricant. 24 hours, day in, day out.

Roller bearings which are not lubricated sufficiently or wrongly, drop out long before they have reached their expected product life. simalube lubricators guarantee a consistent supply of lubricant in the pre-adjusted proportioning. Shutdown times are decreased and costs in comparison to time-consuming manual lubrication are clearly reduced.

Within seconds simalube is fixed to the lubricating point. simalube is powered by a gas producing dry cell. The gas producing dry cell builds behind the piston in the lubricator, which dispenses the lubricant automatically and evenly in the lubrication point.

The amount of lubricant can be steplessly adjusted by means of an Allen key.

Filled with oil, simalube is applied for the automatic lubrication of chains, open gears or guide rails for example.

simalube convinces through:

  • Reliability

  • High efficiency

  • Universal use

  • Refillability

  • Best environmental compatibility

Highly reliable with easy inspection capabilities
Time saving due to easy handling
Cost saving thanks to automatic lubrication
Continuous and automatic lubrication around the clock
Easy installation and starting
Correct dosage of lubricant per application point

Automatic and universally applicable
Filled with lubricant of choice
Easily adjustable for periods of 1-12 months
Easy adjustment of dispensing rate during operation
Many different applications and installation positions (static, dynamic, upside down, under water, etc.)
Temperature range from -20 ° to +55 ° C

Environmentally friendly and re-fillable
Multiple use through re-filling
Available with eco-friendly lubricants
Safe and recyclable

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